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India’s largest Platform of Quality Validated Health & Wellness Providers. We have associated with Largest Network of Health & Wellness providers in Chennai. Over 2,500 Hospitals, Labs, Gym, Yoga Centres & SPA on Platform. We Collabrate with Third Eye Health & Wellbeing (UK) Ltd. Quality Health brings to India, an Employee Wellbeing Program, based on model running successfully.

Why Workplace Employee Wellbeing is so Important? - Average cost of maintaining health cover for employees has risen by close to 70% per head during the past 9 years. Medical Inflation is running 10% on year to year. Lack of robust corporate wellness programs are costing Indian organizations up to 150,000 Crores each year. For every rupee spent on employee wellness, employers get Rs.132.33 as savings on the cost of absenteeism and Rs 6.62 back as reduced health care costs.

What are the Benefits of Workplace Employee Wellness? - Improve Emloyee Health, Productivity, Recruitment and Retention. Reduce Health Care Costs & Insurance Premium. Also it Decrease Absenteeism and Presenteeism.

Employee Engagement

Regular Onsite Wellness Programs with Aerobics, Zumba, Taichi, Martial Arts.

Healthy cooking demos and salad preparations.

Talks on Work-Life Balance, Diet & Nutrition, Managing Stress, Good Parenting, Sleep Disorders, Women Safety, Gender Sensitivity.

Fitness Festivals and Carnivals, Workstress Management and Employess Motivation.

Health tips, through App Alerts. SMS & Email, News letters, Articles & Blogs.

Reminders on Checkups and Medications.

Consultation with our Lifestyle Coaches.

Quizzes and Gaming.

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Ortho Camp for Employees  Fitness Talk for employees          Corporate Events Consultant        Corporate Fitness Event        Wellness Program for Women Employees        Yoga Session for Employee Wellbeing        Workplace Wellness        Cancer Awareness Talk for Employees      Corporate Fitness & Wellness          Zumba Dance for Employees          Fitfest Event for Employees      Health Screening for Employees      Fitness Event for Employees

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Medall Diagnostic Lab      Metropoli Pathology Lab      Billroth Hospitals      Firm Fertility Centre      Soundarapandian Bone and Joint Hospital      Dr.Guptas Dental Hospitals      Uma Eye Clinic  Udhi Eye Hospitals Chennai      Aarthi Scans and Labs      Dr.Cherian Heart Foundation      Parvathy Hospital Chennai      Techmed Healthcare

Wellness Partners

Fitnessone Fitness & Wellness      Women Wellness Gym      Men Wellness GYM      Fitness Businesses & Corporate Wellness      Yoga Wellbeing      
Yoga and Wellbeing      SPA Wellness Center      spa and wellness      spa and wellness facility partner

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Diabliss Diabetes Product      Frutta Beverages      Dumbell Wears      Lenskart Optical Store      Beauty Wellness Store      Ecoindian Organic Store      Propel Fitness Equipment Store      Wakefit Mattress Store      Energy Kettlebell Fitness Academy      Arcadio Lifestyle      Soyvita Healthy Beverage

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Videos on Improving Employee Wellbeing

Catch here What our Expert Panel of Speakers Shared with the Audience.



Articles on Employee Wellbeing

Vacations - Best Way for Employees to be Healthy & Productive

Vacations are much more than just fun and getting in the sun. They now have a whole new aspect, becoming as important as the right food and exercise to keep in good health and be better at work...

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Getting Your Employees to Eat Healthy

The reality is that there's no need to cut whole food groups or deny yourself the pleasure of eating. On the contrary, limiting your nutritional intake will only make you feel tired, lethargic and lacking any willpower to make sensible food choices...

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Incorporate Fitness in to the Workplace

Whether you are taking a morning walk or getting a work out at Gym, working up a sweat is the best way of-course to be fit. What is not known however is that it also gives you relief from mental stress...

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Be a giver and not a taker, to build a happy & successful career

Givers are generous, unselfish people who are ready to help their colleagues out, lend them a hand to finish some important work or guide them out of a sticky situation...

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Corporate wellbeing programs need to focus on employees’ mental health

India has a higher percentage of stressed people compared to most other large developed and developing countries. Recent surveys show that over 85% of people here said they were suffering from stress...

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Best Diet for People at Work

Eating breakfast is the most essential meal of the day. Your metabolism slows down if you miss it. In case you can’t have your breakfast within an hour of waking up, have some fruits at least. Your body has gone without food the entire night and any further delay will cause acidity and other stomach disorders...

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Encourage Your Employees to Start Exercising from Today, It's Never Too Late!

If any of you have been inactive, even in past decade or more, don’t worry it’s never too late to start exercising. Many of us think that exercise and diet are only for those who are suffering from diseases. It isn’t so. Exercise is essential and needs to be done regularly “To Stay Healthy and Fit”...

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Music can improve productivity in the workplace

Stress levels are reduced and depression prevented, as music reduces our cortisol (stress hormone) levels. It is low serotonin levels that lands us in stress and depression. Music increases the secretion of serotonin. In fact music even acts as a supplement to medicines while treating serious cases of depression...

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Rise in Presenteeism at the Workplace - Drastically affects Company bottom lines

A company with employees who are physically present at work but not functioning at their full potential because of an illness or other medical condition may have a "presenteeism" problem that can drastically affect a company's bottom line....

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