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2A, R.B.L Isher Das Sawhney Marg, New Delhi, Delhi - 110054

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About Tirath Ram Shah Hospital

Tirath Ram Shah Hospital is a secondary care hospital in most of the areas with capacity of 200 beds and has an aim to develop Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Pediatrics up to the tertiary care level. 

The hospital is being running under the Trust namely “TIRATH RAM SHAH CHARITABLE TRUST”. The Trust was registered on 12th April 1954. The Hospital was inaugurated on 17 May 1955 by Dr. Rajendera Prashad, the First President of India. 

Tirath Ram Shah Hospital is committed to serve both the poorer as well as well to do sections of the society by providing quality health care facilities / services. For several years the hospital continues to flourish and serve the poorer sections of the society as well as well-to-do people of Delhi and North India. Whatever money the hospital makes by private room admission is ploughed back to cover 20 to 30% of patients who could not afford medical care. 
The hospital also runs a School of Nursing where 30 students admit annually. The school is run by whole time teaching faculty constituting Principal, Vice Principal and tutors. 

The hospital is located at a very ideal site on a plot of 8526 sq. mts. with a built up area of about one lac sq. ft. in three storied building with basement. The hospital plan is to consistently upgrade its medical facilities and improve upon the patient care comparable to best national and international standards. 

Triveni Engineering and Industries Ltd. is continuously providing financial aid to the hospital for refurbishing and equipping the hospital with modern equipment.

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