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Gokal Nagar, District Anand Karamsad, Gujarat - 388325

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About Shree Krishna Hospital

A world away from the chaos of the main cities and surrounded by 100 acres of lush greenery, Shree Krishna Hospital is an ideal environment for rest and recovery. Today the hospital is ranked among Gujarat's most professional healthcare centres because here we believe that the very core of medicine is care and lending a helping hand. Its this that leads us to not charge any registration or consultation fee for outdoor consultations and medical advice for our general services. Nor do we charge for stay or diet in our general wards. We do not turn away a single emergency case. We even offer substantial discounts in our treatment cost to those living below the poverty line, women and children.

The Ramanbhai Gokal Privilege Centre is an extension of the hospital to serve those who wish to be treated in a personalised manner and in an environment that respects their privacy. The luxurious facility has about 60 exclusive beds in Gold Rooms, and Platinum and Diamond Suites.

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"To provide and prepare resources for modern and professional healthcare to the community equitably."


"We want our institution to shine as an example of what the profession of medicine has to be; noble, deeply rooted in providing solace to the suffering and continually upgrading itself to further its ability to serve humanity."


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