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1st Floor, Sant Sawata Mali Bhaji Mandai, Opp. Pooja-Madhuban Theater, Dombivili E, Thane Dombivli, Maharashtra - 421201


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About Noble Hospital, Dombivili

NOBLE Hospital is committed to provide accurate and excellent medical care to each patient. Our Critical Care Services meet the needs of patients facing an emergency health condition. By using advanced therapeutic, monitoring and diagnostic technology our experienced experts improve the patient’s condition such that his or her underlying injury or illness can then be treated. These services are provided by specialized teams of health care professionals in intensive care units, in a variety of post-operative and step-down units. Thus, critical care units play a very pivotal role in our hospital.

An institution that is built with good people and excellent expertise has put utmost efforts to appoint best medical professionals across the globe. Our medical experts have made sure that the hospital is well equipped with world-class technology. We have the credentials to match the highest global standards of healthcare. We have achieved this because of our well trained and experienced panel of medical experts

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