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At Nidaan Hospital, we aim to provide comprehensive, sophisticated, world-class diagnostic and therapeutic care in every specialty and sub-specialty of medicine and surgery. We offer patients a multi-disciplinary approach that allows access to preeminent physicians and surgeons from virtually every specialty under one roof to develop personalized treatment plans for patients.Nidaan Hospital is founded at the vision of Dr.Ramesh Batra to bring the world’s best and technologically most advanced healthcare at the doorsteps of our community.

Community Service is another most important aspect that is at the center of Nidaan’s healthcare system. We aim to reach out to the farthest corner of society in order to increase healthcare awareness and for early diagnosis and treatment of various preventable diseases ranging from simple anemia to blindness and even cancers.

At Nidaan Hospital, we guarantee you the best standard of treatment given with utmost dedication, compassion and care. We are understanding and sensitive towards patients needs and comforts. “Patient always comes first” is our mantra and to that end, we are motivated to strive hard to bring them the best accessible care in the most affordable way.

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– EXCELLENCE: To provide the highest quality of health care available to our patients ranging from primary care to treatment of most complex and rare disorders.

– WORLD-CLASS PATIENT CARE: To provide patient-centered, multidisciplinary, state-of-the-art medical facilities with utmost dedication and care.

– ADDING VALUE TO CARE: At Nidaan Hospital, doctors, health care providers and administrators work together to reduce health care costs while improving the outcomes in order to provide the patients the best care at the most affordable costs.

– QUALITY AND SAFETY: Safety, effectiveness, efficiency, timeliness and patient-centered approach are the criteria by which we measure our performance. We never compromise on the quality of service and safety of our patients. Our work stands up firm on our strong medical ethics.

– COMMUNITY: We are dedicated to fostering to every strata of community and for that we provide various schemes by which we treat many patients with low affordability. We reach into the community by means of health camps and awareness drives where patients are diagnosed and treated at minimal costs.


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