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About Sarvodaya Hospital & Research Center

Sarvodaya Hospital is driven by the philosophy - 'Sarve Santu Niramaya', that is, 'Happiness for all'. Our driving goal, since inception, has been to evolve into a Centre of Excellence that's driven by life-giving innovations, testified by the finest quality benchmarks in the land, and fuelled by a passion for representing the 'Care' in 'Healthcare'.  

All great journeys happen for a reason. The Sarvodaya journey began with a simple, yet powerful, conviction : Everyone - no matter what the means or background – has a right to quality healthcare. Over time, our relentless evolution has been the outcome of our desire to see people get back on their feet, fast. And, in the process, see Sarvodaya scale the next level of excellence.

A humble clinic in sector 16, Faridabad, had set us off on a life-altering journey. To take better care of our patients, we added 5 beds in 1991. As the flow of patients grew, we started with 30 beds in our sector 19 clinic, soon adding a building. By 2000, Sarvodaya had grown to a 75 bed hospital with an ICU. The year 2000 also witnessed the launch of our 'Life on Wheels' ambulance service to serve patients in faraway corners better. The very next year, we launched Sarvodaya Nursing Institute. 200 more beds were added in sector 8, Faridabad. Quality certifications like NABH and NABL followed in 2011. Our next milestone, Sarvodaya Health Clinic (Sai Dham) went operational in the Greater Faridabad area in 2014. And the Sarvodaya Institute of Allied Health Sciences was launched in the same year to impart paramedical training.

Yes, we have come a long way since the humble clinic was first set-up in sector 16 of Faridabad. And yet, our journey is just beginning.


Sarvodaya Hospital, over the years, has grown into a 'centre of excellence', commanding the respect of its peers, the trust of its patients and complete commitment of its team. Today – with a capacity of over 300 beds, a fully operational super-specialty wing, a gamut of world class services and facilities, proactive stress of cutting-edge R&D and continuous learning, and a professional team focussed on delivering exceptional care with a personal touch - we are amongst the finest health care destinations in Delhi NCR, and certainly the most preferred in Faridabad.


Good health to all at an affordable cost, building a healthcare facility with medical excellence and a committed, dedicated and contented workforce


To position the group as a healthcare leader, providing all levels of quality based medical services with a focus on affordability and medical excellence.

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