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Block No. 702 – 704, 7th Floor, TIDEL BioPark – Phase II, No. 5, CSIR Road, Taramani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600113


AboutPerkinElmer Health Sciences

PerkinElmer is a global organisation recognized for its strong commitment to maternal, foetal, and newborn health. To help in the efficient deployment of health care, we provide solutions focused on early detection. Whether it's screening during pregnancy, testing newborns for life-threatening disorders, supporting scientists in finding better cures, or helping doctors treat disease, our focus on human health extends beyond the lab and into hospitals and homes. With our innovative solutions, we help generate earlier medical insights, accurate results and more effective therapies.

PerkinElmer Health Sciences – A part of the global organization, PerkinElmer – is a state-of-the-art laboratory in India committed to protecting the health of expectant mothers, babies, and families. More than just a laboratory, we are pioneers and the leading service provider recognized for our commitment towards feto-maternal and newborn health. We provide our customers advanced research, evidence-based screening and confirmatory diagnostic tests of global standards.

Today, PerkinElmer Health Sciences processes hundreds of thousands of maternal and newborn samples annually from various hospitals, medical centres, laboratories and ObGyns, pan India; providing risk assessment services that help healthcare professionals and patients make more informed medical decisions.

Backed by a team of highly skilled and experienced laboratory specialists, technicians and qualified geneticists along with a robust network of certified professionals and key opinion leaders, we provide reliable information to help the efficient deployment of healthcare resources. Along with dynamic research associations, our team of highly qualified and skilled professionals utilizes cutting-edge technologies to deliver upon our mission of providing efficient, reliable, and accurate solutions.

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Ensure safer pregnancies, healthier babies and families by providing innovative risk assessment services to clinicians and expecting parents.

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