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No 327, Muthurangam Road, Tambaram West Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600045


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Care Safety Excellence Integrity & Team work.

Deepam hospital in West Tambaram, a part of Deepam Hospitals Group is a pioneer in their field. Millions of patients trust us for their lives every year. That’s why we stand united in our promise to put our patients at the heart of all we do. Behind each healthcare professional at DEEPAM is a multidisciplinary team committed to delivering the best patient care possible.As an Academic Healthcare Cluster, we pursue innovations to transform patient care delivery. We galvanize the best clinical and research capabilities to seek to discover new and better treatment and care for our patients. Our institutions are centres of excellence, and we seek to integrate clinical services, teaching and research to bring tomorrow's medicine closer to our patients. We will continue to hold steadfast to our values and calling to serve with care and compassion, for the betterment of our patients.

Quality Health helps to book online appointment with Special Offers at NABL Accredited Deepam Specialty Hospital - Lab, Tambaram West, Chennai. Benefits of NABL Labs are qualified trained staffs, calibrated equipments, accuracy of test results, good customer service and transparency in rates. Get Information like Postal Address, Contact Phone Number, E-Mail id, Doctors Name and Specialities of Deepam Specialty Hospital - Lab, Tambaram West, Chennai.


Delivering the best Patient care for Promoting Healthier Communities through Passion, Compassion, Empathy, comprehensive Health and Humane services regardless of economic affordability.

D - Dedication

E - Exceptional Care

E - Ethical

P - Professional

A - Affordable cost

M - Multidisciplinary


To be valued for Excellence in Patient care and most Trusted For Personalised coordinated care.

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